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There are many reasons why we should search for the truth in our lives, but we should first seek for truth’s sake.

Rev. Michael H. Lavery, author of “A Man’s Search For Truth” LUCIUS A Soldier’s Journey, has written a fictional story about a Roman soldier to portray someone’s quest to find the truth. Throughout his adventures, God constantly tests his mettle and character to see if he’ll continue searching for the truth or be swayed by corruption. The book holds so much narrative power that anyone who hasn’t read it yet misses out on a great piece of literature.

But we won’t be focusing too heavily on the book today. Instead, we’ll talk about its overarching theme of seeking truth despite all odds and why we shouldn’t stop searching for it.

What Is Wisdom and Truth?

Generally speaking, anything that has been proven factual or real is considered the truth. Seeking the good and rejecting the evil as we grow in our fidelity toward God and others is what it means to live the truth. We aim to continue living in hope for a day when justice and peace coexist and to pursue solidarity, justice, and interrelated flourishing.

Conversely, wisdom is the attribute of having information, experience, and sound judgment that can help you become an innovator, creator, etc. Wisdom and truth go in tandem since it is hard to locate the former without the latter, and understanding wisdom is necessary to perceive the truth.

In order to comprehend, embrace, and work by a principle, you must have the insight to determine what you feel to be correct. Truth is about living out what one preaches. Because of this, wisdom and truth are interconnected; wisdom exists where truth exists, and truth is present where wisdom is.

The Philosophy of Searching for Truth

People are always trying to understand why we should search for the truth. For as long as humans have existed, we have relentlessly chased the truth, like how the sun is playing an eternal game of “Tag, You’re It!” with the moon. Throughout human history, various scientific, religious, and philosophical schools of thought have endeavored to elucidate the nature of truth in diverse cultures and societies.

Even within the confines of a fictional story about a Roman soldier that Rev. Michael H. Lavery wrote, it is the truth that Lucius is ultimately seeking—”Seek truth and wisdom as your ultimate duty,” they say. Rather than discovering it, humans have often found themselves enmeshed in disputes between philosophical, religious, and scientific viewpoints—a veritable maze of beliefs and notions. 

It is impossible for people to be casual with the veracity of what they know. They reject it if they discover it untrue but feel rewarded if they can demonstrate its veracity. Pursuing truth is the rightful object of everyone’s desire to know. Everyday life demonstrates how eager we are to learn the truth about things for ourselves beyond opinions.

Why Do We Need to Seek Wisdom and Truth?

Wisdom is essential to pleasure and fulfillment because it enables us to make informed decisions while considering our short—and long-term requirements. Making the proper decisions will make us happy and enable us to contribute more to our community. Furthermore, establishing positive relationships with our clients and coworkers will make us feel more fulfilled in our profession.

How Can People Seek Truth and Wisdom

You can arrive at the truth by being honest, using a critical thinking approach, being your own judge, maintaining an appropriate equilibrium, and living authentically.

• Live Your Truth

Living your truth and being who you are takes a lot of courage. Uphold stricter accuracy standards. Be your true self and accept everything that makes you who you are.

• Always Be Sincere

Learn to accept what is the truth. Strive to acquire the real facts and seek the truth with an unbiased and humble mind.

• Become Your Very Own Yardstick

Use your own standards as a guide to find personal fulfillment and contentment. Recognize your true self and maintain your personal authority. Accept who you are.

Decide to live a life that aligns with your moral principles. To become the greatest version of yourself, hold yourself responsible and serve as your own judge.

• Embrace and Practice Having a Critical Thinking Mindset

It assists us in developing self-control, organization, and open-mindedness without hastily passing judgment on things based on our own sentiments, egos, or cultural preconceptions.

• Maintain a Healthy Balance

A balanced lifestyle aids everyone in maintaining mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Set lifestyle standards that will improve your quality of life. Take deliberate care of yourself. Give yourself time to appreciate your hobbies and creative expression.

Are You Still Wondering Why We Should Search for the Truth?

Now that you know why it’s valuable to seek the truth, it’s time for you to start your own journey of searching for it. You can start by reading a fictional story about a Roman soldier by Rev. Michael H. Lavery titled “A Man’s Search For Truth” LUCIUS A Soldier’s Journey. Become similar to Lucius and always seek the truth, for goodness’ sake. Don’t mind the world making it easier to obscure what is true.

Grab a copy of the book today and check out our other articles, too. We suggest learning how God reveals His truth to men to help your quest for uncovering the truth!

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