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Understanding why it’s important to tell the truth will help us practice this very important trait because “honesty is the best policy,” after all.

Rev. Michael H. Lavery, author of “A Man’s Search for Truth” Lucius A Soldier’s Journey, aims to show everyone the real value of truth, especially if you’re searching the truth for God’s sake. His book tells readers that the truth should never be buried, no matter the case. Lucius is then taken on grand adventures in his search for truth, with his path being led by God along the way.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the many reasons why we need to always speak the truth.

Reason #1: The Truth Helps Everybody Grow

A lie is an act that is typically said to hide a problem. No one lies for amusement. Maybe that one person tells lies about having better goods, more money, and more experiences than other individuals. However, there is still a fundamental problem there.

People will truly be able to evolve when we start choosing the truth above lies instead of concentrating on trying to hide the real problem.

Lying will just exacerbate the situation. It can damage the link that two individuals have managed to establish and demolish the trust in a relationship. It’s crucial to tell the truth since it will enable everyone to advance.

A stronger bond is surely going to form when you can communicate your emotions to others in an appropriate manner.

Reason #2: Lying Holds Every Person Back

Lying would simply hinder you for all the other reasons we covered earlier. You’ll become sick from it since you’ll worry about when the truth will be revealed. The potential for tension and anxiety will worsen your symptoms. Respect may be lost, and relationships may be ruined.

You could hide the real problem that has to be solved. The reality is challenging. It can be disorganized and frightening. But the truth may additionally assist us in breaking free from the limitations that the untruth has forced upon us.

The main goal of life is to improve upon who you were yesterday and to grow into a better person today. Lying will keep you mired in the same frame of mind that you were in when you started the lie. Lying confines you to the ground like a weighted chain.

Not having anything to hold you back is one of the best reasons why it’s important to tell the truth. Rev. Michael H. Lavery even wrote a fantastic tale that perfectly presents this point for all of his readers. One can even say that it’s among the best advantages of telling the truth.

Reason #3: In the End, the Truth Will Always Reveal Itself

Since we were young children, we had been taught that, in all cases, choosing the truth—even when it was difficult—was the right one. Even though lying is always the worst option, we may not always consider these factors as adults. Lying is harmful since:

  • It causes further problems.
  • It causes harm to others.
  • It is misleading.
  • It harms your health.

Avoiding the lies is ideal since you cannot predict what will happen in the long run if you don’t. If you keep the truth to yourself and become engrossed in the cover-ups, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Think about people who are unable to tolerate secrecy and confess to crimes. There are instances when falsehood can permeate reality to such an extent that the deceitful person loses awareness of their deceit.

Reason #4: The Person You’re Lying to the Most Is You

We tell lies to others when we aren’t ready for the truth to be known. In reality, we lie most often to ourselves. We communicate with our minds and persuade them of an untrue reality.

You can tell falsehoods to your friends, coworkers, and even the person you sleep with every night. However, we will always misrepresent ourselves as much as anybody else. This is often an issue that you have to deal with personally.

When you feel like lying, you need to examine yourself deeply. By doing so, you’ll see whether there is a truth that you are attempting to hide from yourself or not.

Now That You Know Why It’s Important to Tell the Truth, It’s Time to Practice

Honesty takes time, especially if you’ve been so used to lying. It is possible to turn things around, but you’ll have to start today.

Grab a copy of Rev. Michael H. Lavery’s “A Man’s Search for Truth” Lucius A Soldier’s Journey today to follow Lucius’s journey to find what is true. Check out our other articles, too, and find out how God reveals his truth to men!

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